AKS supplys new type hybrid stepping motor driver PCB6009,Max 8 Subdivision,2.5A。

    AKS motor supplys 20、28BYG serial micro-stepping motor,can be used in micro place and precision control equipment。

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    AKS Motor  supplies high quality hybrid stepping motor, stepping motor driver, and geared low speed motor.
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    Main Products

Hybrid Stepping Motor DC Geared Motor
20、High 、35、39、42、57、86、110BYG Series Voltage:3、6、12、24V
2、4、8、16、32、64……256 Subdivision Speed:2~350 RPM
20,High ,35,39,42,57,86,110mm(L×W) Torque:0.5~54kg.cm
Torque 0.3~200Kg•cm Size:Φ17~Φ60mm

Hybrid Stepping Motor Driver Vibrating Motor
Using USA Chip, High Subdivision Voltage:1.3、3V
Step Angle 0.9 º1.8º,Tow/Four Phases Speed:10000 RPM
Current adjustable by Dial Type: Hollow、 Plat



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New Product



  20BYG series Hybrid Stepping Motor
[Step Angle]  1.8º,Tow/Four Phases Motor
[Size]  20×20×30mm
[Torque]  0.18~0.2Kg•cm


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